Engage, Connect, and Catalyze Change through Dialogue, Self-Transformation and Self-Empowerment!

“Find your place on the planet. Dig in, and take responsibility from there.”  – Gary Snyder

Some Facts:

Going forward when you see the word ‘we’ it indicates all of us, you me and especially our soon to be new founding members within the community.

In the face of our escalating Climate Emergency, dialogue has emerged as an indispensable and urgent necessity. It is through meaningful conversations and exchanges of ideas that we can confront the detrimental impact caused by the fossil fuel industries. Our unwavering determination to protect our children’s future is the driving force behind our collective efforts. Additionally, we strive to restore our damaged biodiversity, which has suffered greatly from ecocide. We are committed to rebuilding and preserving our oceans and the diverse life they sustain.

It is disheartening to witness the alarming rate at which our animal species are disappearing. This loss is directly linked to the consequences of our shared Climate Emergency and the practices of the fossil fuel industries and various unethical businesses seeking to expand at the expense of both human and animal habitats. We recognize that the preservation of our planet’s natural balance is intertwined with the survival of all species, including our own.

Through the power of dialogue and the amplification of diverse voices, we can pave the way towards a future that is sustainable and resilient. We stand united against those who prioritize short-term profits over the well-being of our planet and all its inhabitants. It’s not enough to merely speak empty words; we must tirelessly work towards mitigating the impacts of our Climate Emergency, safeguarding our precious biodiversity, and fostering a harmonious coexistence between humans, animals, and nature. Dialogue grounded in mutual collaboration is the key to progress and meaningful change. Together, through our collective actions today, we have the power to shape the world our children will inherit.


As you reach the end of this post, an exciting opportunity awaits you to join a groundbreaking AI-based initiative. You are invited to become a founding member, immersing yourself in a transformative journey of self-education, engaging in heartwarming dialogue, and receiving empathic and compassionate support every step of the way. Embrace the chance to be part of something new, empowering yourself while contributing to a shared vision of a brighter and more sustainable future.

We believe that the chance for self-education within our Climate Change Community Dialogue and Self-Education Center, combined with personal beliefs and values rooted in promoting profound self-transformation, can be a powerful foundation to fearlessly and confidently address our Climate Emergency. This transformative empowerment is a crucial building block that can lead us towards tackling the challenges ahead with determination and courage.

The journey of personal transformation in the face of our shared Climate Emergency is nothing short of extraordinary. What begins as a simple desire to make a difference can quickly evolve into a profound process of self-empowerment and compassionate action. It is in our internal revolution that we discover the depth and complexity of the challenges we face, and the immense potential within ourselves to create meaningful change.

At the heart of this journey is a recognition that our shared Climate Emergency is not just an external issue but also a deeply personal one. It calls upon us to examine our beliefs, values, and behaviors, and to question the ways in which we contribute to the problem or can be part of the solution. Through self-reflection and self-education, we begin to understand the interconnectedness of our actions and the impact they have on the environment and future generations.

Self-empowerment in the context of our shared Climate Emergency is about taking responsibility for our own learning and growth. It is about seeking knowledge, expanding our understanding, and equipping ourselves with the tools and skills needed to effect change. This empowerment enables us to engage in meaningful dialogue, challenge false narratives, and become advocates for a sustainable future. As we embark on this journey, we realize that the power to create a better world lies within each of us, and through our collective efforts, we can transform our individual aspirations into a force for positive change.

In the pursuit of self-empowerment and action, we can become catalysts for change, inspiring others to join us on this transformative journey. Together, we can harness our collective wisdom, knowledge, and passion to tackle the complexities of our shared Climate Emergency and create a sustainable future for generations to come, something that is now a necessity.

The imperative and essential shift we currently face stands as a clear testament to the pressing and vital nature of our Climate Emergency—an avoidable crisis instigated by the fossil fuel industry, which should never have come to pass.

Moreover, Climate Change Community is currently undergoing a notable shift. At the heart of our mission lies the conversion of our Climate Emergency into a state of personal and collective strength. We find ourselves asking, “How can we achieve this transformation?” One of the crucial first steps is expediting the transition away from fossil fuel dependency and providing assistance to individuals and communities in building a resilient and steadfast future.

With utmost sincerity and heartfelt intention, we are thrilled to share a significant announcement that will undoubtedly captivate you. I must admit, it pains me to say that this note reaches out to the world, but in reality, it is directed to all individuals who are mindful of sustainability, concerned about our Climate Emergency, climate scientists, eco-experts, concerned citizens, vegans, vegetarians, raw-foodists, climate warriors, climate organizations, and perhaps you, the one reading this.

We are delighted to share a significant update that marks a milestone in our journey. We have successfully merged all four of our previous climate communities into a unified platform, akin to a remarkable “Climate Emergency Dialogue and Self-Education Center.”

With the inclusion of advanced AI capabilities, it facilitates enriched thoughts, opinions, and content formatting. We invite you to embark on an enlightening journey within this control center, where we strive to encompass nearly every facet of the Climate Emergency, ensuring a fulfilling experience. Rest assured, should any vital aspect be overlooked (though we highly doubt it), as we always remain committed to continually expanding and enhancing its scope.

But that’s not all! This Climate Emergency Dialogue and Self-Education Center (sort-of-speak) offers an array of features that will astound you. From real-time dialogue and collaborative events to education and cooperation, this platform has it all. It caters to everyone and now includes dedicated spaces for Nurses, Emergency Services, Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Teachers, Infrastructure Workers, and Essential Services. It’s the go-to place to stay informed, educated, and actively contribute to tackling our shared Climate Emergency.

Each group or room, which we now call ‘spaces,’ has its very own timeline (a truly amazing feature). We will also be organizing various workshops and real-time events in the near future. If you come on board, make sure to check out all the documents I have written in that section. Please note that I have written several documents, either fully written or by providing specific and detailed prompts using AI, throughout the various spaces.

Each space or group offers unique perspectives and discussions on a wide range of topics. Whether you’re passionate about our shared Climate Emergency, self-transformation, pets, climate organizations, infrastructure, education, or beyond, our community is designed to cater to your diverse interests. You’ll find a wealth of content already waiting to be explored, discussed, and expanded upon.

In recognition of the profound emotional impact caused by our Climate Emergency, we have created a dedicated space for fostering emotional maturity (see the Self-Transformation and Zenith spaces). Within this nurturing environment, we provide a wealth of resources, including videos and curated content, meticulously designed to aid us in navigating the complex realm of climate grief and other distressing emotions that arise from our collective concern for the planet.

Our aim is to offer solace, guidance, and support as we grapple with these overwhelming feelings, fostering resilience and fostering a sense of unity in the face of adversity. Through the power of shared experiences and compassionate understanding, we endeavor to cultivate emotional well-being and empower individuals to channel their emotions into positive action. Together, we can find strength amidst the challenges and collectively shape a more sustainable and compassionate future.

In particular, our Climate Emergency space serves as a hub for discussions, updates, and initiatives related to the urgent challenges we face. Also, dive into the world of self-transformation and explore ways to cultivate personal growth and resilience in the face of adversity. For pet owners, connect with fellow pet lovers in the Pets space, where you can share heartwarming stories, seek advice, and celebrate the companionship animals bring into our lives.

These are but a few examples as our community also houses spaces focused on climate organizations, infrastructure, education, and much more. These spaces provide a platform for deepening your understanding, engaging in meaningful dialogue, and collaborating with like-minded individuals who share your passions and interests. As our community continues to grow, new spaces are added periodically, ensuring there’s always something fresh and exciting to explore.

When you become part of our community, you’ll discover an array of content already curated within these spaces. Engage with existing articles, posts, and discussions, adding your own comments, insights, and perspectives. Expand on the ideas presented, share relevant resources, or pose thought-provoking questions. This interactive nature of our community fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the formation of deep connections.

By actively participating in these spaces, you contribute to the collective wisdom and strength of our community. Your unique insights and experiences enrich the discussions and help us collectively navigate the challenges of our time. Together, we can create a dynamic environment where learning, growth, and action flourish.

Regardless of whether you belong to a climate-focused organization, a community group taking climate action, a passionate advocate for climate justice, an association promoting community resiliency, a Climate Change Officer (ACCO), part of a climate movement, or any other agency, you are warmly invited to join Climate Change Community’s newly established Climate Emergency Dialogue and Self-Education Center for deepening your education and discovering new solutions.

This Climate Emergency Center is where you want to be.

Take action today (click on the join link below) and secure your spot as one of our inaugural members. As the creator, most of my work happens behind the scenes. However, as the platform expands, I will appoint hosts and moderators to ensure smooth operations. I have also established a dedicated space within the community called ‘cCc Nudge,’ where I will be actively monitoring to ensure I don’t miss any messages directed towards me or the community.

On a Personal Note:

In addition to this invite, I would like to share an emotional and heartfelt message. I want to express the deep pain and climate grief I carry within me. It is an indescribable anguish to witness the devastation unfolding on our planet, knowing that our children will inherit a world filled with constant struggles and obstacles. The fossil fuel industry, driven by their insatiable greed, knowingly disregarded the dangers that their own scientific research revealed, all in the pursuit of personal enrichment.

The consequences of their actions have rippled through every corner of our ecosystem. It breaks my heart to see the rapid disappearance of animal species through extinction, the damage inflicted upon our precious oceans and the fragile life within them, and the unprecedented reactions our biodiversity is experiencing due to ecocide.

It is from this place of pain and grief that everything I do, including creating the Climate Change Community venue and the activities within it, stems. It is fueled by my unwavering passion and desire to contribute towards a future that is free from the threat of extinction and sustainable for generations to come.

It is well past time that we channel our pain into action, our grief into resilience, and our passion into a collective force that can bring about the change our planet so desperately needs.

Our shared mission to address the Climate Emergency is driven by love—for our children, for the incredible diversity of life on Earth, and for the potential to create a world where harmony and sustainability prevail.

I encourage you to set aside some time to explore the latest articles I have shared on my personal sites, cccmty.com and clitribe.com as well. These articles provide valuable insights and perspectives on the topic we are discussing. By immersing yourself in these articles, you will develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter and be better prepared to engage in meaningful discussions and take action. If you haven’t already, let yourself feel a righteous anger, and then channel that energy into creativity to speak up and address the challenges of our shared Climate Emergency.


In the future, the Climate Change Community will evolve into a comprehensive library of articles and content focused on our shared Climate Emergency, the Climate Crisis, Climate Change, Self-Transformation, Dialogue, and related topics. Currently, it serves as a dedicated space for engaging in focused discussions and self-education. As the community expands, it will become a valuable resource, providing a wealth of articles, solutions, tips, ideas, and innovative approaches. If you’re looking for a platform that offers these compelling features, I invite you to join and become part of this transformative community.

In the journey of evolution and progress, it is essential to engage in self-reflection and continuously work on strengthening the foundation. As we move forward, we are committed to incorporating your valuable input and adapting to the evolving needs of our community. Our aim is to introduce new and exciting features, turning ideas into reality. This endeavor is yet another step towards our shared vision of creating a dynamic and responsive platform that caters to the diverse interests and aspirations of our members. Together, we will shape the future and embrace the possibilities that lie ahead.

For those who may wonder about any other of my underlying motivations, let me assure you that while this project holds importance, it pales in comparison to the urgency of saving lives. As a fully trained Climate Change Professional Officer, I am committed to making a meaningful impact. However, I am yet to obtain certification, which requires a year and a half more of practical experience in the fields of climate change mitigation, adaptation, or resiliency. Creating and managing this venue will serve as a valuable opportunity to fulfill this requirement.

Nevertheless, I am determined to enhance my knowledge further by enrolling in this comprehensive training again from start to finish before attempting the certification examination. My goal is to fortify my understanding to such an extent that no doubts remain regarding the unwavering confidence I have in my efforts to secure a sustainable planet, free from the threat of extinction, for the future of our children.

On an even more Personal Note:

With profound empathy and tears in my eyes, please understand that as our community expands, a significant portion of the funds we generate will be dedicated to assisting our community members and others who have been affected by the devastating impacts of our shared Climate Emergency. We are committed to extending support directly to those within our community and through reputable organizations like the Red Cross, helping them rebuild their lives after the immense losses they have endured. This is an unwavering commitment that we hold with the utmost seriousness.

The thought of enriching ourselves while others suffer is abhorrent to us. We refuse to turn a blind eye to the suffering of those in need. Our focus lies with those who require assistance the most. We ask for your patience as we work diligently to grow our membership and establish a solid foundation. As we cement our foundation, should you find yourself facing the full force of our shared Climate Emergency, you can trust that we will stand firmly by your side, providing financial support and any other aid within our capacity. The time for jest or complacency has long passed; lives are at stake, and livelihoods are being shattered.

Together, let us confront this challenge head-on, recognizing the urgency and gravity of the situation. By joining forces, we can offer solace and tangible assistance to those who have borne the brunt of these crises. This is a call to action, a call to solidarity, and a call to compassion. Let us forge a path forward where no one is left behind, and where our collective efforts can bring about meaningful change.

“It is much more valuable to look for the strength in others. You can gain nothing by criticizing their imperfections.” – Daisaku Ikeda

Here’s a breakdown of our yearly membership subscription plans:

  1. General Membership Plan ($19.99/year): This plan provides access to most of our spaces, offering a wide range of content and discussions related to the Climate Emergency. However, it does not include the exclusive Climate Warrior space and a few other specific spaces.
  2. Climate Warrior Plan ($29.99/year): Designed specifically for Climate Warriors, this plan includes selected spaces tailored to their interests and needs. We are continuously adding new spaces to cater to the diverse aspects of climate activism and engagement. It also include focused content related to entire continents, hence the space(s) 7 continents and as well we will be in time growing multiple language features.
  3. Supporter Plan ($49.99/year): Our comprehensive Full Plan grants you access to all spaces except the ‘host’ space, which is reserved for specific purposes. With this plan, you can explore and participate in a wide range of discussions, connect with fellow members, and dive deep into various climate-related topics.
  4. Backer Plan ($99.99/year): By choosing our Backer Plan, you not only support our goals and endeavors but also contribute to assisting those in need who have been affected by the impacts of our shared Climate Emergency. Your funds go towards funding initiatives and providing aid to affected communities. Join us in making a meaningful difference while enjoying the benefits of full access to all spaces. This plan is clarified even more after reading the ‘Help’ post within the Climate Emergency space.
  5. We just added a ‘Blog‘ only membership that gives you access to just a few spaces for $9.99 a year.

We also just added a bloggers space where anyone with writing experience can post a blog.

Choose the plan that aligns with your interests and commitment to tackling the Climate Emergency. Together, we can create a stronger, more resilient future.

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