Greetings, climate enthusiasts! We are eager to share some remarkable developments taking place within the Climate Change Community (.com) network. Our ongoing projects involve upgrading platforms and combining various sites to enhance our services. Join us as we delve into these exciting changes!

To begin with, we have streamlined our community by merging four separate entities into one cohesive platform. As part of this transformation, we have transitioned a significant 89.1% of our community foundation from WordPress to the robust and feature-rich Mighty Network Platform. This new platform provides comprehensive functionality that surpasses our previous setup.

As owners of multiple domains, we have made the decision to redirect a few of them to a unified destination: This website acts as a child-site of the Climate Change Community (.com), maintaining a constant presence and we hope serving as a future hub for top leaders to convene and collaborate.

For the general public, accessing any of the domains listed below will now lead you directly to this now new primary platform at We have implemented this change to simplify and expedite your experience, saving you valuable time when typing in lengthy web addresses. These redirected domains can be considered child-site redirects.

Here are the domains we have successfully mapped:

2. (domain recently created, still undergoing population)
3. (domain recently created, still undergoing population)
4. (domain recently created, still undergoing population)
5. (note: this domain is the same as

Likewise, please always keep an eye on for occasional blog posts and we would like to emphasize the importance of visiting and taking the time to read our insightful community and company related posts. This website provides a wealth of information regarding the inner workings of our network, including engaging personal history content.

As we finalize the creation of some of these domains, we recommend using – (that’s… CLIMATE TRIBE .com) – for quick access. It allows for faster typing and boasts commendable loading speed, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm!

Warm regards,

The Climate Change Community (cCc)

Please see new blog post at and my personal site as well.

(Hello! I want to let you know that there is more content to this article. For more crucial information about our company’s current status, future plans, and intentions, simply follow the page #2 link below (or simply go to The complete details are available in the ‘Private Policy‘ or ‘Terms-of-Service‘ section of this site. Thank you for your interest!)