In an era where our planet stands on the precipice of a Climate Emergency, it becomes increasingly essential to raise awareness, take action, and demand change. As I embark on the journey of updating my Green Emergency Manuscript (GEM) towards a 2024 version, I am determined to share my vision of a sustainable future and to bring about much-needed transformation.

Revamping the GEM: A Blueprint for a Better Future

The Green Emergency Manuscript, or GEM, represents more than just words on paper; it embodies a vision to lift people out of poverty and usher them into the realms of the middle and upper class. This vision is far from a mere dream; it’s a meticulously researched plan that has been years in the making. With the aid of artificial intelligence, the timeline for completion has been drastically shortened, and we are now on track for publication of this revised version by January 2nd, 2024.

Furthermore, I am engaged in a multifaceted approach, encompassing research, self-education, and fervently praying for ideas to uncover and promote strategies that can help us convert the ongoing Climate Emergency into an opportunity. My aim extends beyond merely alleviating poverty; it also involves aiding Climate Refugees and building ‘creative and adaptive resiliency’ in all of us. This has become a resolute mission in my life, and I am committed to detailing it in GEM, the 2024 edition.

Catalyzing Change: Climate-Conscious Candidates for Office

But my mission doesn’t end with the GEM. It extends to a broader and more urgent cause – the need for Climate Emergency-conscious candidates to lead our nations and communities. The choices we make at the ballot box have the power to either steer us toward a secure habitable planet or plunge us into a catastrophic future. It is a truth we can no longer ignore.

Our world today stands at a crossroads, with two diverging paths. One leads to environmental devastation driven by greed and the lust for power, while the other guides us toward a sustainable, habitable planet, free from the specter of extinction. This dichotomy is the unadulterated reality we face, and we must confront it head-on.

Authoritarian Leaders and Hypocritical Followers:

When it comes to elections, we must remain vigilant because there are individuals who are determined to promote outdated religious ideologies, particularly when they support candidates who exhibit strong authoritarian tendencies and arrogance. We have recently witnessed this in their attacks on women’s reproductive rights, voting rights, and other important issues. These candidates and their supporters display a deliberate ignorance paired with an unquenchable desire to exert control over others based on their religious beliefs.

They are deeply entangled in hypocrisy and have the potential to cause more harm than good. Furthermore, they either deny the reality of climate change due to apocalyptic religious ideologies or willful ignorance, showing a disconnect from the facts. This should now be common knowledge to all, and they must not be allowed to hold office, especially in light of what is necessary to address our collective Climate Emergency, if for no other reason. The future of our children is on the line, and despite their claims of protecting children, their actions indicate quite the opposite.

Questioning the Validity of Polls: Beyond Numbers in Evaluating Political Candidates

One may raise concerns about the reliability of polls that appear to support authoritarian leaders running for office. It’s important to scrutinize the validity of such reports. Typically, polls are conducted using a sample rather than the entire population, and this sample is often presented as representative of the whole, potentially creating a misleading impression.

The key question then becomes: Who comprises this sampled group, and what are their political leanings? What demographic or interest groups were included in the poll – educated individuals, passerby on the street, or members of religious organizations, for instance? Consequently, even though polls may suggest widespread support for a particular candidate, we must always ask: Supported by whom?

While some media outlets that disseminate these poll results may have a reputable track record, it’s crucial to consider their potential biases or preferences. Who are they inclined to favor themselves? Relying solely on polls may not be the wisest course of action. It’s more prudent to base one’s decisions on factors like the candidate’s character, integrity, and whether they acknowledge pressing issues such as climate change.

The Imperative of Informed Decision-Making

As I continue to pen my extensive manuscript, I implore each one of you to engage in becoming informed. Investigate the candidates vying for office, scrutinize their records, and assess their commitment to addressing the Climate Emergency. Look beyond their rhetoric and delve into their affiliations, identifying the industries and corporations they are entwined with.

The decisions we make at the ballot box are not merely about partisan politics; they are a matter of survival. Regardless of our political or religious affiliations, we all share fundamental human needs – food, shelter, security, employment, accessible healthcare, and more. Recognizing this common ground is not a political stance but a survival requirement, one that transcends party lines and religious beliefs, or at least it should.

Unity in the Face of Crisis

Instead of being pitted against one another, let us unite in our resolve to combat the shared Climate Emergency and those who perpetuate it. Whether it be financial institutions, social media giants, corporations, politicians, or elected leaders, we must collectively hold them accountable. Our division, if unchecked, will only hinder our efforts. It’s imperative that our focus remains on addressing the Climate Emergency as our primary concern.

In Conclusion: The Path Forward

As we delve into the intricate web of climate-conscious choices and informed decision-making, let us remember that we all have a stake in this endeavor. Our children’s future, the health of our planet, and the very survival of humanity depend on our collective actions.

The call to action is straightforward: let’s back candidates who either currently hold office or are running for office, and who prioritize addressing the Climate Emergency while committing to safeguarding our planet for future generations, on a global scale. Collectively, we have the power to veer away from the precipice of catastrophe and navigate a path towards a sustainable and prosperous future. The time to take action is immediate.

It’s crucial to remember that the Climate Emergency is not just an individual concern; it’s a cause we all share. Therefore, together, we can and should make a meaningful impact out of necessity. – AI

As a reminder, we must not overlook the numerous remarkable Climate Organizations. Although there are too many to list comprehensively, I’d like to suggest a few to consider connecting with to get started: the Sunrise Movement, Third Act, Elders Climate Action (focused on older individuals), Extinction Rebellion, GreenPeace, NYRenews, Sierra Club, Earth Guardians, Mothers for Climate, Climate Strike (FridaysForFuture), Climate Reality,, Citizen’s Climate Lobby, Climate Hawks Vote, C40 Cities, Climate Collaborative, Climate Justice Alliance, Earth Justice, Environmental Defense Fund, Friends of the Earth, Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN), La Via Campesina, and many more.

Get involved and participate in these climate organizations to show your support. With the upcoming events scheduled from September 15th to 18th, including the widespread Climate Marches on the 17th (in most locations), your engagement would be highly valued. Reach out to them to join their marches, as it promises to be an incredibly gratifying and extraordinary experience. The friendships you forge and the difference you contribute to this cause will undoubtedly make your involvement even more meaningful.

See Fight Fossil Fuels (.net) and End Fossil Fuels (.us) for more details.

Please bear in mind that if I’m not posting for a while, I’m dedicating my efforts to the Green Emergency Manuscript (GEM), as mentioned above. I’ll continue to share artwork on Instagram occasionally. Additionally, I’m now active on LinkedIn, and you can find all my social media links at


I was asked to speak-up (mention something) about hate, gun violence, racism, and voter rights. So with that I think we should be evolving beyond hate, racism, gun violence and voter suppression and instead focused on uniting for towards tackling our shared Climate Emergency.

In a world that constantly strives for progress and enlightenment, it is disheartening to see the persistence of hate, gun violence, racism, and voter suppression. These attacks on human rights and human dignity have no place in our society, and it is high time we matured and evolved beyond such dark facets of our collective existence.

However, while we decry these injustices, we must also acknowledge another pressing issue that demands our immediate attention and collective action – the Climate Emergency. The term ‘Climate Emergency’ is not to be taken lightly; it is a call to arms for all of us to recognize the urgency of the situation.

It is, indeed, disappointing to witness how some individuals, whom we might describe as ‘cowards,’ stoop so low in the evolutionary chain of humanity to perpetuate these injustices. Racial hate, voter suppression, and violence are not just a stain on our democracy but on our shared humanity.

It’s important to understand that these lower conditions of life are a reflection of those who perpetrate them, not the individuals they target. If you find yourself reading this and identify with these attitudes and behaviors, we implore you to seek help, support, and guidance. Do not associate with groups that propagate these harmful ideologies.

In the grand fabric of human history, we have overcome numerous challenges through unity, compassion, and collective action. The Climate Emergency is no different. It is a threat that affects us all, regardless of our background or beliefs. By standing together against hate, gun violence, racism, and voter suppression, we can create a more just and equitable world, not just for ourselves but for future generations.

To the person requesting this, as an fyi, I will start creating unique ‘quoted image art’ on these four topics.

As Rachel Carson, the renowned environmentalist, once said, “The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction.” Let us heed her words and focus our attention on the pressing issue of our time – the Climate Emergency – and in doing so, evolve beyond the darkness that still plagues our society.