While I am aware that some individuals go through this, I cannot be certain if others aiming to establish a Climate Solutions-oriented company also face this situation. However, I would like to share my personal experience on this matter.

Before we start, I want to mention that this is a focused commentary about the actions of a religious group and more than likely people hired by the fossil fuel industry. It is not written because I am angry or want revenge. Instead, my aim is to support others facing similar situations, so they know they are not alone. I also want to show the world the challenges some of us, who are fighting for our children’s future, have to deal with. As well it is important to note that my words are not driven by emotions, as I will explain below. I am aware of about four others going through similar experiences, so speaking out is okay. Remember, you are not alone.

In the ongoing span of the 10 years, a fascinating yet concerning phenomenon has consistently unfolded within the realms of my existence. Whenever I step beyond the confines of my apartment, I frequently find myself shadowed, or even subjected to unwarranted harassment, treated as if ensnared within the clutches of criminality. Despite a recent decline in the frequency of such incidents, the peculiarity of their actions continues to persist.

Imagine this scenario: individuals trailing behind me in their vehicles, tailing me through stores, littering my path with incongruous items, and even breaching my privacy by illicitly surveilling my activities within my dwelling. Instances have occurred where people halt right outside my window, casting unnerving stares as I diligently work. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg – a slew of bizarre deeds, including leaving a deceased cat at my former residence, have been attributed to these individuals.

All these actions, and more, seem to be orchestrated with the intent to intimidate and foster a sense of inadequacy. Strangely enough, these actions emanate from a religious faction, and potentially some are proxies of the fossil fuel industry (a likelihood I ascertain). This group harbors peculiar beliefs – they refute established scientific wisdom and cling fervently to notions of apocalyptic deliverance.

What bewilders me tremendously I might add is the following: if their purported deity possesses boundless knowledge and power, why does this deity necessitate the enactment of harassment, intimidation, and engagement in illicit deeds like unauthorized surveillance, hacking, and other unethical maneuvers? What kind of deity impels its adherents towards immoral and unethical behavior, while also prompting assaults on the dignity of others merely due to differing beliefs?

Their ideology, while tightly clutched, crumbles under the weight of scrutiny, lacking a foundation in reality and the empathetic and benevolent traits characteristic of genuine religious tenets. In truth, it more closely resembles the conduct of a cult. Their convictions, though seemingly rooted in their perspective, deviate significantly from the truth. It amazes me how their aversion towards those who dare to voice for the truths and advocate for action concerning the Climate Emergency is this glaring. For me, that truth revolves around the pressing need to confront the impending Climate Emergency, averting potential future remorse and safeguarding the longevity of our planet and its inhabitants, especially our children.

Is this situation disconcerting to me? Most certainly. Yet, I’ve embraced the sagacity of Martin Luther King Jr., who once advocated for transforming adversity into creative resilience. Analogously, the principles of Buddhism suggest transmuting challenges into opportunities for profound personal growth. Remarkably, I’ve managed to glean positivity from these confrontations. Through their adverse actions, I have nurtured virtues such as equanimity, self-assurance, and a courage surpassing even my own expectations.

However, what genuinely astounds me is their steadfast denial of the blatant Climate Emergency. It is baffling how they persist in their belief that their own salvation is assured, while others face damnation for failing to adhere to their doctrines. Their dearth of empathy and fervent isolationism raise fundamental queries regarding the very bedrock of their ideology, especially when contemporary scientific comprehension stands as irrefutable as the light of day.

A recent experience shed light on their unusual beliefs. During a Christian Inter-Faith Climate Zoom Dialogue, a Christian Theologist revealed that these individuals are not representative of genuine Christians. Surprisingly, she was already aware of their actions and ideas.

In response, the strategy has been to graciously overlook them, extending a measure of compassion and fostering open dialogue. With time, these individuals may potentially reassess their convictions or confront the consequences of their denial when the undeniable impact of the Climate Emergency permeates their lives.

In summation, it’s akin to someone refuting the existence of rain while drenched to the core within a deluge of climate change-induced precipitation. The persistence of these distinctive beliefs, despite an ever-mounting body of evidence, functions as a reminder of the intricate tapestry of human perspectives. This underscores the significance of standing steadfast in pursuit of truth and nurturing open conversations, even in the face of bewildering opposition.

Summary: As previously articulated, it’s vital to acknowledge that this expression is not borne out of anger or a thirst for vengeance. Instead, it aims to inspire those who encounter similar tribulations, reassuring them that they are not alone. Additionally, it strives to illuminate the world about the trials faced by those who champion the well-being of future generations. It is crucial to clarify that this is not a response fueled by emotional turmoil, as expounded upon above. As mentioned, I am acquainted with several individuals undergoing equivalent experiences, thus speaking out is a commendable course of action. Please recognize that you are not isolated in this formidable undertaking.

Addendum: Embracing My Values Amidst the Storm

In response to their relentless efforts to provoke, incite anger, or undermine my confidence, my demeanor remains consistently composed, confident, and courageous. Despite their ardent attempts to irritate or destabilize me, they falter in their pursuits. This is perhaps why some of their attacks manifest with heightened intensity or manifest in insidious and malicious manners.

What often escapes their notice about me, I surmise, is my unyielding commitment to my own set of principles, ethics, and values. I am not one to conform to societal pressures or yield to the dictates of others. Instead, I allow the compass of my heart to guide my actions, standing unwaveringly amidst adversities. I stand as an ardent champion of justice, never hesitating to raise my voice against transgressions. Yet, I’ve learned to navigate cautiously, speaking out when essential, while also exercising restraint to evade potential conflicts or immature reactions from those who challenge my convictions.

Contrarily, I maintain an approachable demeanor and a congenial disposition, even towards those whose actions perplex me. Although their motives might remain shrouded in mystery, I make an effort to initiate conversations with them, sometimes delving into philosophical discussions. Within this intricate balance of upholding my values and fostering connections, I strive to find a harmony that empowers me to remain resolute while promoting mutual understanding.

An aspect frequently overlooked about me is my steadfast determination, not solely in upholding my beliefs, but also in safeguarding my innate human dignity. It is my inherent right to exist as a human being, deserving of respect and consideration. No individual should be subjected to attacks merely due to a variance in perspectives.

Guided by the indomitable spirit of my remarkably strong mother, who remained unwavering in her stance against injustice, I have imbibed her tenacity. Her dedication was nothing short of astonishing, and her legacy is one I proudly carry forward. From my earliest moments, she instilled in me the significance of standing up against mistreatment, of refusing to permit anyone to exploit or belittle me. In harmony with her teachings, I am committed to advocating for what is equitable and principled, holding steadfast to my beliefs even when met with opposition.

I shall safeguard my human dignity, for I am a inhabitant of this planet and possess the inherent right to champion what I perceive as morally upright and ethical. While they exert themselves to bring me down, I shall persist in standing upright and forging ahead. It is, indeed, as straightforward as that.


Personal Update:

I shall remain inactive for a brief period, as I am engaged in crafting an introduction to a novel idea grounded in a unique concept of Climate Emergency Resilience, that I sense will very beneficial for those who wish to partake in it. This new Climate Emergency Resiliency idea will be unveiled in a blog format, either here or on climategut.com, or possibly both.

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