I hope this message finds all of you in good health, safety, and security. I want to address a matter that is very important to me and involves the urgent Climate Emergency we are facing. This is not your typical fundraising page, but rather a personal initiative by me (cCc).

There is no denying that we are currently in the midst of a full-blown Climate Emergency, with temperatures rising by 1.1 degrees Celsius. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I find myself needing to raise funds more quickly than anticipated. This fund-me page is one of the ideas I have come up with to achieve this goal. I am seeking to acquire a farm or ranch with a sturdy barn, which will serve as a Climate Emergency Solutions Workshop. I have some innovative ideas that I believe can contribute to tackling our shared Climate Emergency.

(The average global temperature on Earth has increased by at least **1.1° Celsius** (1.9° Fahrenheit) since 1880. However, the United Nations reported that global warming will rise to between **2.1 and 2.9 degrees Celsius** based on the world’s current climate pledges – way beyond the 1.5 degrees nations are trying to stay below. – Source: Conversation with Bing Chat, 7/8/2023)

My objective is to purchase this property as soon as possible and create a webcam workshop/classroom within for our new Climate Change Dialogue and Self-Education Community (cCc). By offering the opportunity to not only contribute financially but also actively participate in these endeavors, we can support each other and humanity as a whole. Allow me to elaborate further.

Over time, I have been quietly working on an online community focused on Climate Emergency Dialogue and Self-Education. This community will be launched shortly and will be accessible to anyone who wishes to be a part of it. For more detailed information, please refer to all the blog posts I published on this site.

Instead of simply asking for monetary contributions to reach my goal, I thought it would be more meaningful to ask you to join the community which in a sense is offering financial help. By doing so, you will become a valued founding member of a growing and dynamic online community that goes beyond the typical social media platforms.

Within this community, we will engage in both work and learning. By subscribing to one of the membership plans I have developed, you will become part of a like-minded family of individuals working towards a sustainable planet, free from the threat of extinction, for the benefit of future generations.

When I say “fund-me,” I mean subscribing to the community and actively participating within it. Rest assured, no aspect has been overlooked. I have created groups covering a wide range of Climate Emergency topics, including the climate emergency itself, pets, self-transformation, scientists, climate reports, climate policies, political issues, global concerns, global citizenship, and much more. Furthermore, I have already established a blog with several posts, and in the future, we will have additional bloggers contributing to it.

So yes, by supporting this initiative, you will receive value in return. Help me achieve my goal of establishing the first-of-its-kind Climate Emergency Solutions Ranch, which will be closely linked to our new Climate Emergency Dialogue and Self-Education Community (referred to as a center, hub, or club, whichever term you prefer).

Please keep in mind that by funding this Climate Emergency Solutions Project on a smaller scale through subscriptions, we can make a significant impact in the years to come with the developments that arise from it.

As a member, you will also have the opportunity to visit and participate in the ranch. In time guest room will even be available for our members to use from time to time. I have ambitious goals and ideas, and I want to inform our fellow human beings that while the Climate Emergency is devastating and will worsen, we can turn it into an opportunity for transformation.

I firmly believe that we can take the challenges caused by the fossil fuel industry and use them to create a truly sustainable and extinction-free planet before it’s too late. We must adapt and become more resilient, as our stagnation has led us to this point.

I implore you to try and understand where I am coming from. Our oceans, biodiversity (now decimated by ecocide), animal and marine life, species, and, most importantly, the future of our beloved children and young adults are being profoundly affected due to the pursuit of greed and power.

Let’s view our Climate Emergency as an opportunity to create something incredible—a world filled with renewable, sustainable, green, and extinction-free conditions. A world where our children can once again have confidence in us, knowing that we are actively working to create a habitable planet for them and future generations.

To those in the news media, businesses, universities, wealthy individuals, and other entities who continue to support the dangerous fossil fuel industry, I appeal to you—please stop! Your behavior, driven by personal gain over the well-being of your fellow human beings, is truly shameful. It is time for us to embrace a humanistic approach, a condition of life that can only be achieved through collective effort and dedication.


I have encountered skepticism from others, who have called me crazy due to my lack of farming knowledge and my age. While the latter is true, I am determined to spend my remaining days fighting for the future of our children and their families. It is the right thing to do, and I have no regrets now or when my life eventually comes to an end.

Regarding the farming aspect, I want to clarify that this is not a conventional farm. While I do possess a deep passion for trees and plants, my ultimate goal for the ranch extends beyond cultivating them. I aim to invent sustainable products that can aid us in adapting, building resilience, and addressing the Climate Emergency. For instance, I envision creating a compact solar device that households can have, ensuring a constant power supply. This device would be small enough to charge phones and power radios in times of power outages.

Additionally, I have a few other ideas, but I cannot accomplish them alone. With the support of our community, I believe we can achieve numerous goals together. The truth is, I am in need of collective assistance.

Thank you for taking the time to read my note about fundraising for Climate Emergency Solutions Activeness.