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(Suggestion, simply skip on down to the original version (non chat-gpt version) as it encapsulates my heart and intentions more so, the chat-gpt version if for prospective companies to get an idea of my prompting skills in regard to AI.)

Nurturing Resilience in the Face of Crisis: A Unique Opportunity for Collaboration

Greetings to all, I truly hope this note finds you all in good health, security, and the pursuit of prosperity. Today, I bring forth a proposal that is, in essence, a bridge between aspiration and action, a symphony of my experiences and talents, intertwined with a shared sense of urgency—the Climate Emergency that envelops us. I stand before you not just as an individual seeking support, but as a steadfast advocate for climate resiliency and a dedicated Help Desk Technician, offering a singular proposition:

HIRE ME: I Will Work For Food as a Help Desk Technician and Climate Resiliency Officer.

Allow me to unfurl the tapestry of this unconventional idea and its compelling journey. I am a retired denizen of the corporate world, having spent 26 years navigating the realms of Office Administration, Customer Service, Help Desk, and Tech Support. My tenure was marked by visits to countless companies in the bustling heart of NYC and the landscapes of New Jersey, troubleshooting software and nurturing technical solutions. Typing at speeds once reaching 80 words a minute, I’ve now settled at a still-respectable 57 words a minute. Endowed with the honor of an A+ Technician and equipped with an Associate in Computer Science, I stand as a testament to my commitment to excellence.

Yet, it is not merely the corridors of corporate endeavors that I tread; I have ventured into the realm of climate consciousness. I completed the comprehensive Climate Change Professional Officer’s training, an experience that enriched my understanding of our ecological responsibilities. Though the certification test eludes me for now, I stand resolute, with a trajectory charted through self-directed learning and the invaluable United Nations Self-Education Modules. By the close of 2024, I envision myself an embodiment of global resiliency expertise, fortified by my cumulative knowledge.

As an eternal student, I’ve embraced the tutelage of diverse subjects, acquiring certifications in copy-writing, web design, and partaking in an array of webinars. Ethical leadership and the nuances of attentive listening have enriched my arsenal. These are offerings I bring to you, to infuse creativity and vigor into your ventures.

Central to my odyssey is the quest to transcend financial constraints, pivotal in realizing my home-based Climate Emergency Online Community enterprise—a haven for dialogue, self-education, and adaptive resiliency. I’ve crafted a niche in curating self-conceived ‘quotes,’ profound reflections that resonate universally. Each subscription to this community fosters not just my sustenance but also facilitates an exchange of enlightenment. The contents are a synthesis of our era’s gravest challenges, from Climate Emergency and Biodiversity to the sanctity of Earth and the legacy we leave for our progeny.

How might you partake in this endeavor?

The path is one of reciprocity: empower me, and I shall empower you. By subscribing at, you forge the foundation for a mutual journey. Opting for a subscription of $19.99 or above a year aids both my cause and yours. Moreover, within the cCc_Nudge group, share a keyword or your musings—three times, for each new member. These fragments of thought shall metamorphose into eloquent quotes, encapsulating the essence of your expressions.

My longing is that this digital sanctuary,, shall burgeon into a bastion of enlightenment, kindling a fervor to partake in its myriad activities. It beckons the curious to delve into articles, discussions, and more. My dream is to weave an intricate tapestry of adaptive resiliency, a sanctuary of ideas to navigate the labyrinthine challenges we face.

I confide that my climate and philosophy library, a trove of knowledge and insight, lies dormant in boxes, awaiting the unveiling of a new office—my powerhouse of information, poised for dispatch upon this world. Thus, I beseech you, offer me employment at the esteemed wage of $19.99 a year.

Behold, the web-portal is fortified by the stalwart framework of Mighty Networks, a citadel of security. It is within these walls that I flourish, managing my online emporium. Know, dear reader, that the grand edifice of stands poised, an enigma that shall soon unfold, akin to a fusion of Facebook and Twitter.

In me, you encounter not merely a purveyor of knowledge, but a craftsman of online communities. Your patronage supports my cause and, in turn, fosters your resilience in the face of the looming Climate Emergency. Through the hallways of self-directed learning and the foundation of Climate Change Professional Officer training, I chart a course toward becoming a Climate Emergency Resiliency Skilled Officer. This voyage is one laden with resources, insights, and a zeal for adaptation.

With profound gratitude, I extend my thanks for traversing these words. They are not mere marks on a digital canvas but a resonant call for collaboration. The tendrils of our efforts intertwine, knitting a tapestry of hope, adaptability, and shared purpose.

And now I share the original version, which in this instance I prefer over Chat-GPT’s version!


This combined resume and cover letter, believe it or not is for you—the readers. Let me explain how this particular unique idea works as I really need financial support to continue battling our shared Climate Emergency.

First of all, I hope my note finds everyone in the best of health, security and prosperity. As an introduction I am still an aspiring musician (percussions), the United States Petanque Champion (joking, but almost true), enthusiast on all things creative such as art, creating home-made quotes, photography and Self-Directed Learning (SDL).

I am retired after 26 years of Office Administration, Customer Service, Help Desk, and Tech Support (Field and In-house, (most of which was field support, meaning I have visited tons of companies in NYC and NJ to fix computers or troubleshoot software issues). I am also a certified NY State Clerk Types at one time typing over 80 words a minutes, although I am now down to 57 words a minutes. I am also grand-fathered in as an A+ Technician with an Associate in Computer Science and have award up the wazoo on Customer Service, meaning I am a nice guy that is an extremely good at listening.

I have also taken and completed the Climate Change Professional Officer’s training in full, however was not experienced enough yet to take the certification test, I believe I have perhaps 8 more months until I am able to take the test, however I am retaking the course via my notes (SDL) and more such as the United Nations Self-Education Modules now free to the public. My hope is that by the end of 2024 I can consider myself a world-wide resiliency expert based on all of the above combined with whatever SDL’s I accomplish.

I am always self-educating myself, always in fact I have even taken copy writing, web design (certified), numerous webinars on different topics, leadership ethics, and enhanced listening SDL trainings all of which I can bring to you (in the form of creativity) or your company.

I am also seeking a part-time remote Help Desk Entry Level position and if you are a Climate related organization or company I would be really interested in learning more about what you have to offer.

Why this idea?

My Social Security and retirement funds are not getting it? They are not simply enough as I am working my hardest to have a home-based Climate Emergency Online Community business up and running; actually it is a Climate Emergency Dialogue and Self-Education Online Center, which is now slowly morphing into a Creative Adaptive Resiliency Community.

What I have accomplished thus far It is really creative I think, however I lack the skills of persuasion and steps of enlisting folks to participate in this endeavor and so now instead I am offering my artistic skills of creating self-generated ‘quotes’ on whatever subject you want (ethical and compassionate, non-religious) just by signing-up for a subscription this this community.

Mind you I have now literally enhanced this skill by creating my own blend of ‘quotes’ based on several topics such as our Climate Emergency, Biodiversity, Ecology, Earth, our Children, Violence, Gun Violence and much more. I believe you will be impressed and at the same time encouraged once I start sharing these probably around the 17th of September if not sooner (for those who’ve seen my quoted images in the past, note that these are different, they are my own quotes).

How you can help:

Ultimately my goal is for you to help me in order for me to help you; which entails the faster and stronger my online communities grow the more creative and educational I can become. There is absolutely no doubt about this, whatsoever.

When you subscribe ( and I suggest subscribing to the $19.99 and up a year membership, (the higher subscriptions are for those who are Climate Warriors or want to help support my goals further).

As a bonus or added feature when you join the community, go to the group (space) cCc_Nudge and simply put a key word or your own thoughts and I will convert these key word(s) or thoughts into a quote (if requested) and create quoted images with them. I will do 3 per member joining, of course if a million members join it will take some time, however I will do my best to accomplish this as it takes me literally two fingers and 60 seconds to create one artistic quote.

I really think once joining this venue ( which helps me to put food on the table and enhance this community you will want to stay and involve yourself in the various activities there, read articles and more. Note that I plan on implementing much more creative and helpful activities in the future as well that will help with adaptive resiliency and creative adaptation.

I also have many of my books and media boxed up in storage due to future relocation and will be a power house of information once I unpack my library and resources into a new office, which I am hoping will be before the end of this year (2023).

Please consider hiring me:

So yes, please hire me at the salary of $19.99 a year and note that it is an extremely secure recognized web-portal and platform ran by the Mighty Networks where I run my online shop (community), the mother community is not open currently for members yet, however it is ran from a different portal. I plan to write an introduction to this one in the near future and it is somewhat different in appearance as it resembles a cross between Facebook and Twitter.

I have become very proficient at building online communities due to these efforts so this is another job benefit I can bring to folks. Your support will be appreciated and it will help me to help you in a sense since the content I have is all based on adapting and creating resiliency in the face of our shared Climate Emergency.

Note I am slowing becoming by nature a Climate Emergency Resiliency Skilled Officer based on both the SDL mentioned above and my having completed the Climate Change Officer Professional training although not certified (more experience needed which I am gaining now). I can see myself slowly moving towards this type of support for communities and folks, so I will also load this venue ( with pretty much notes on what I have learned and will learn going forward.

We must, due to the condition of our Climate Emergency and its projected worsening become resiliency experts in any way we can; I have absolutely no doubt about this whatsoever!

This means that I am and will be more so poised to offer viable resources, suggestions, ideas and more as I develop and hone this particular skillset.

Thank you so much for reading this note.

cCc |