Introducing Our New Climate Emergency Dialogue and Self-Education Center’s Blog Section:

Dear Readers,

This post is in regard to my blog posting at and — however it does not affect my posting to my personal site.

As we face the pressing reality of the Climate Emergency, I find myself deeply immersed in self-education to better understand and address the challenges that lie ahead. To streamline my efforts and make it easier for you to access the information, I have decided to consolidate my blog outlets. From now on, I will solely be posting at two locations: our new Climate Emergency Dialogue and Self-Education Center and

At, you can expect to find content primarily centered around company information. On the other hand, the blog space within the Climate Emergency Dialogue and Self-Education Center will be dedicated to my personal Climate Emergency related writings and research on climate-related topics.

This decision comes as I have realized that my passion for the Climate Emergency subject has led me to write extensively on the matter. To fully engage with this topic, I encourage you to visit both locations regularly. The Climate Emergency Dialogue and Self-Education Center will offer unique insights and reflections from my perspective, while will provide valuable updates and news related to our company’s climate initiatives.

As time progresses, my posts will increasingly draw from my own research and training, adding depth and expertise to the discussions. Moreover, we intend to share any resources that may aid us in coping with the escalating Climate Emergency. Already, I have written a blog post dedicated to this aspect (next blog post).

Over the next two posts, you can still find posting to and, but after that, all my climate-related content will exclusively be available here at and within our Climate Emergency Dialogue and Self-Education Center.

I sincerely thank you for your understanding and ongoing support in this journey. I wholeheartedly invite you to stay informed by regularly checking both platforms, as they will be the hub for insightful and comprehensive information on the Climate Emergency.

Remember, the challenges we face are immense, but together, through education and dialogue, we can make a difference. Let’s be well, stay safe, and continue learning for a sustainable future.

With warm regards,