Speaking Up, Speaking Out, and Spreading Awareness about Climate Emergency Injustices

Part 1 The Spectrum of Intelligence

In the intricate tapestry of human existence, we often find ourselves navigating a spectrum of intelligence and life lessons, each tier offering unique insights into the human condition. Drawing from my past experiences and lessons from sociology classes, I’ve come to recognize three distinct orders of intellect that shape our interactions and perceptions of the world.

At the lowest tier, we encounter individuals whose characteristics are unmistakable: an insatiable curiosity that borders on nosiness, a yearning for control often rooted in religious convictions, and an incessant preoccupation with the lives of others. Their conversations orbit endlessly around people, and many among them are haunted by the perception of others, often leading to the manifestation of social anxiety.

This fixation on the lives of others can manifest as gossip, possibly stemming from a lack of substance in their own existence. It’s intriguing to note that the more entrenched their beliefs in archaic religious ideologies, the more apparent their desire for control and their tendency to push divisive agendas. It’s crucial to clarify that these observations are not meant as attacks, but rather as reflections on social dynamics observed through the lens of my past sociology classes. Awareness can be a powerful catalyst for personal growth.

Moving up the spectrum, we reach the middle echelon, where individuals predominantly engage in discussions about the mundane aspects of life. Topics often include local events, weather updates, sports, and similar subjects. While these conversations are perfectly acceptable, they can become problematic when they dominate discourse or become the sole focus of one’s communication. This fixation may mask underlying issues such as social anxiety, depression, pain, or a sense of hopelessness.

At the highest echelon of this spectrum, we encounter individuals characterized by their elevated sense of seriousness and attentiveness. They engage in conversations that revolve around weighty matters, focusing on solutions, groundbreaking innovations, and the path to progress. Their discussions span a wide range of profound topics, including the preservation of humanity, the protection of biodiversity and animal species, the complexities of human nature, deep philosophical and psychological insights, and the pursuit of maturity.

As this observation aligns with a well-known quote, “In the tapestry of human interaction, one can discern three distinct threads: the trivial, the tangible, and the transcendent.”

Amidst this exploration, I find myself quietly engrossed in a book about ignorance, shedding light on the lack of basic education in our country and the surprising scarcity of reading habits in the United States. I firmly believe that even a few paragraphs read regularly, whether before sleep, in the bathroom, while traveling, or basking in the outdoors, can be instrumental in eradicating ignorance. This, in turn, equips us to make informed decisions about political candidates and, critically, address our pressing Climate Emergency. The beauty of this transformative process is that it can commence at this very moment.

However, it’s disheartening when one can gauge the times not by the growth of human knowledge but by the size and shape of an iPhone or the trending topics on social media, often unrelated to our Climate Emergency. Instead of witnessing tangible improvements to nature and our planet as a whole, we’re inundated with a barrage of CO2-spewing vehicle commercials and pharmaceutical advertisements. It’s a poignant commentary on our society’s values and priorities.

Part 2: Confronting the Anti-Science Folks

(Chat-GPT Disclosure: My writing, employed Chat-GPT was used strictly for sentence structure, tone (9th grade), improvements of synonyms and grammar only, nothing more, nothing less. With all the ‘fake’ abuses of Chat-GPT now, I propose a law requiring a disclosure should be legally required by all who use it.)

In our ever-urgent quest to address the Climate Emergency, I find myself compelled to tackle a rather unconventional approach – ‘Art.’  This unique avenue can be very beneficial in raising awareness about the dire predicament that our planet faces. At its core, confronting and combating the Climate Emergency hinges on two vital pillars: honesty and truthfulness. It is virtually impossible in my opinion to tackle our Climate Emergency without being both honest and truthful.

Honesty is essential for revealing the intentions of those who, through their actions, exacerbate the Climate Emergency in pursuit of power, often fueled by religious ideologies. Truthfulness, on the other hand, demands that we boldly confront the stark realities of this crisis, using art and other mediums as tools to educate and enlighten the masses.

Recently, the anti-science faction has pushed the boundaries (doing some extremely nasty and insidious) of ethical conduct to alarming extremes towards me. Their relentless efforts to provoke anger, intimidation, and worse in me have reached mind-boggling proportions. Yet, I’ve come to realize that their malevolent endeavors serve as stepping stones in my personal journey to self-improvement. In a curious twist, my resilience (confidence, composure and courage) appears to frustrate them, prompting them to resort to increasingly unethical and insidious tactics.

Simultaneously, the Climate Emergency continues to intensify. While these adversaries persist in their attempts to intimidate and enrage me, I see this as an opportunity to expose their plans for upcoming elections and their zealous pursuit of archaic agendas aimed at controlling women’s reproductive rights. Their actions have inadvertently granted me the authority to speak candidly and truthfully about their activities.

Quoting Rachel Carson, the environmental advocate who once said, “The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction,” it becomes evident that embracing ‘Truthful Art’ as a means of raising awareness is aligned with the wisdom of those who came before us. The urgency of the Climate Emergency demands our unwavering commitment to transparency and honesty in our pursuit of a sustainable future.

Part 3: Unveiling Truth Through Quoted Image Art

Returning to the topic of Climate Deniers and Anti-Science advocates, we find an intriguing parallel in the animal kingdom: when provoked or when their offspring are threatened, creatures instinctively rise to protect themselves or their young. It’s an inherent and natural response deeply ingrained in the essence of life itself. In a somewhat analogous vein, after enduring years of provocation from those who reject the overwhelming scientific consensus, from climate skeptics to those who profit from the fossil fuel industry, and from proponents of apocalyptic religious beliefs, I see this as an extraordinary opportunity for personal and collective growth.

Over this time, I’ve undergone a profound transformation, maturing and strengthening in response to these challenges. It’s crucial to emphasize my genuine gratitude for these experiences, as they have been instrumental in my development. However, there is another dimension to this evolving journey. The Climate Emergency continues to escalate, and I now feel a profound responsibility, akin to protecting one’s offspring, to speak out against those who serve the interests of the fossil fuel industry or hunger for political control in which to expand their religious agendas.

Their relentless attacks have inadvertently granted me the moral authority to be forthright about the grave challenges we face and how certain individuals and entities contribute to this crisis. My intent is not one of retaliation or seeking vengeance; instead, it is a steadfast commitment to safeguarding the future of our children and ensuring the continued existence of humanity on this fragile planet. Consider this message a prelude to what lies ahead.

I am prepared to share a series of poignant, direct, and unequivocal quoted image artworks. These artworks are designed to reveal the agendas and actions that could exacerbate our Climate Emergency, such as the election of certain candidates to positions of power. They embody fundamental truths and serve as a powerful instrument in the pursuit of truth and justice.

These quoted image artworks will invariably be uncomfortable and in some cases justifiably painful for those who stand to loose denial footing, adherence to the fossil fuel industries, anti-science sentiments, apocalyptic mind-set and archaic religious ideologies. They will help folks to vote for environmentally-based politicians and those who are just as worried about our children’s future. We must rise to the reality of our political influence and not for political party favoritism, but for ethical and moral reasons that will protect our children, our oceans, bio-diversity, marine and ocean life.

You will find most of these messages shared on platforms like Twitter and Instagram, accessible via the links provided at about.me/tito235. My role revolves around running a climate company, and my mission is to be transparent, honest, and truthful about the current state of our climate, where we are headed, and what we can expect. Therefore, I am committed to doing everything within my power to mitigate the impact of the Climate Emergency by educating people about various facets of this shared crisis.

(On a side note, I recently opened a Linked-In Account and will post fresh ‘sustainability’ and ‘Eco-business’ quotes there.)

In summary, my climate company requires as a mandatory measure honesty and truthfulness and this fact is very reassuring to me as it allows me to confront, face and tackle our Climate Emergency in a way that gives hope and confidence to our children and young adults who are extremely worried about their future. I am not one to give in to fear or intimidation when it comes to this reality and so please consider what I post as ‘Art’ a continuation of this blog post. I can assure you some of the art content that I have already written will be very helpful. Again find the links atabout.me/tito235.


“Overcoming Adversity: Rising Above Fear and Embracing Personal Growth”

Allow me to introduce you to a friend of mine, whom I’ve mentioned in a previous discussion. He resides to the south of my location and has been grappling with a myriad of emotional challenges, including anxiety, depression, and deep-seated trauma. These afflictions stem from relentless harassment, intimidation, stalking, and even illegal surveillance that he has endured over the years. Our paths crossed in 2017, and I vividly recall how he was enveloped in an aura of fear, particularly towards new acquaintances. This fear had grown out of the relentless attacks he endured, primarily orchestrated by religious apocalyptic proponents and climate change deniers.

Drawing from my own experiences in conquering fear and anxiety, I found myself encouraging him not to succumb to this crippling fear. I conveyed the message that it is possible to overcome such anxieties and, in fact, utilize the negativity directed towards him as opportunities for personal development and growth. I recounted my personal journey, sharing how I had confronted similar challenges and how, as a result, those who once harassed me now scurry away when I propose a conversation or a philosophical dialogue. They have revealed themselves as cowards, I assured him, while he, in contrast, possesses the heart of a lion. There is no reason for him to fear them, for they represent a delusional mindset.

The motivation behind their actions, I explained, extends far beyond mere climate denial sentiments. The escalating climate-related disasters and casualties in regions like Libya, Greece, Korea, China, Europe, and the United States leave no room for denying the obvious. Yet, they persist in their obstinacy. What is even more perplexing is the lack of empathy or sorrow one would expect from witnessing such catastrophic loss of life due to climatic disasters.

This leads one to speculate that their true agenda may revolve around securing political power to enforce archaic religious beliefs, effectively exercising control over morality at any cost. This, I emphasized, is the prevailing sentiment, both overtly and covertly.

I shared my own journey of resilience, highlighting how I encounter these daily attacks, especially the unlawful surveillance, and now perceive them as invigorating challenges and opportunities for constant self-transformation. These ordeals have served to fortify my confidence, composure, and courage. Ironically, instead of inflicting harm, these attacks have propelled me towards personal growth.

I imparted to my friend the importance of never surrendering to despair and provided him with a collection of inspirational quotes to reinforce his resolve.

See you on the 17th!